• Do we provide large family discounts? – Yes. Please call (937)-346-7336 for further details.
  • Is our dojo a good place for a special needs student? – Yes. Martial arts has been proven to be a great way for kids with mental disabilities, especially ADD/ADHD to learn to cope with their own mental challenges. Even students with physical disabilities can benefit from the physical strength which comes from practicing martial arts.
  • What is the primary focus of Pangainoon? – Our martial art is composed of many basic strikes, such as the kick and the punch, but the focus of our art is to build and strengthen the body for self-defense. Karate is much more than punching and blocking, and we seek to find what that is at our dojo.
  • Are there tournaments available for students to compete in? – Yes. However we are not focused on tournaments. They are considered a way to test one’s self. we have a few tournament champions and a number that only compete in one or two events.
  • Will students be required to participate in tournaments? – No. Tournaments are not mandatory under any circumstances.
  • What is the ranking system for each student? – There are ten colored belts before Shodan (Black Belt). To be promoted to each rank, the student must be able to demonstrate the knowledge and techniques required of them. There are a given number of hours required to train under an instructor.
  • Do we teach an eastern religion? – No.